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First, do some online reading and simple research with a precursory 'study' of "Rife Machines" and/or frequency generators. A good website to start with is RifeVideos.com.


Consider watching The Royal Rife Story and other educational videos at their informative site.

If you've found an advertised frequency machine (aka "Rife Machine") that interests you, then in the field below, fill in the blank "GB-4000 compared with _____________________ machine/device".


You may also call us at 385-220-5000 and ask one of our researchers to recommend a report based on your personal needs and one that may be the most beneficial for you to read now.




We have over 25 years of experience researching and using frequency technologies with feedback from thousands of people. Our manufacturer here in Utah is a respected researcher of frequency instruments originally used in the 1930s/1940s and has developed the state-of-the-art GB-4000 frequency generator, SR-4 linear amplifier and M.O.P.A. plasma tube amplifier which are truly the best in the modern industry. These instruments are the result of over 24 years of their extensive work, including 10 years spent searching for and obtaining ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT so the machines could be 'reverse-engineered' and tested to determine exactly HOW they worked. The GB-4000, SR-4 and M.O.P.A. were developed from this comprehensive research.

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